30.03.2020 | News

BIG partners with Near, to offer real world intelligence on people and places

Data Intelligence company Near has chosen BIG to represent it in Australia for its marketing offering and has integrated its AI audience technology into BIG’s Buddy platform.

The strategic partnership allows customers to access audiences, creative and media through one integrated platform to provide complimentary tools for Demand Side Platforms.

Near and BIG’s smart technology will allow brands and agencies to find the right user (real time, behaviourally & contextually), build high impact advertising across desktop & mobile and prove that their campaigns have worked against real world metrics such as footfall attribution, store uplift and user engagement reporting.

“Our aim here is to make it easy for traders and agencies – giving them the tools to build campaigns and take a non-guaranteed Deal ID and put it live in their DSP of choice.

“This is a genuine game changer for the industry and given the current trading landscape we want to make it as easy and as affordable as possible,” said David Green, CEO of BIG.

Near has invested heavily to produce a best in breed audience platform – Allspark – which is now integrated with BIG’s Buddy platform.

“Partnering with BIG is an important relationship for us and we see the Australian market as a key growth market for us where we already have some strong relationships with brands and agencies,” said Christian Clark, Country Manager for Allspark at Near.

The integration of Near’s Allspark into BIG’s Buddy platform, allows brands to easily find the right people at the right time to serve ads to and build beautiful ads all in one platform. This integration ensures Buddy provides brands with instant access to advanced audience curation & marketing capabilities where they can leverage diverse data sets and curate audience segments based on historical and real-time data including the use of data points like places, demographics, interests, and pre-build audience sets.

Near uses Artificial Intelligence and data from over 17 million users in Australia and gives brands access to superior consumer intelligence through Allspark whilst Buddy makes it quick and simple for you to create high impact, engaging digital ads through our world-class creative team or our simple drag & drop builder that can produce a creative tag in under two minutes.

Finally, through the Buddy platform, BIG provides real-world proof that it all works.

A digital campaign can be set up in under two minutes, with complete transparency and no minimum spends. 

BIG will work closely with Near’s Australian team to ensure this partnership brings the best value of real-world intelligence and high impact creatives to marketers.

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