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Our ad-tech, Buddy, makes it so easy to build high impact, engaging digital ads. Use Buddy's simple drag and drop builder or our world-class creative team to produce industry leading creative formats. Receive your creative tags in real-time and set live within your preferred DSP using our premium media deal IDs which can be overlayed with bespoke behavioural audiences.


Buddy has been developed to sit alongside your preferred DSP to make the setting up and running of campaigns better, easier and cheaper than ever before.


BIG’s New Desktop Skin Ad Format – 90%+ Viewability

BIG’s New Desktop Skin Ad Format – 90%+ Viewability

Have you heard the news? Pro-Skin has arrived! Drive maximum brand awareness with maximum viewability with our new Desktop Skin format, available to build in Buddy in only a matter of minutes. Build Pro-Skin with live creative tags and Deal ID in real-time. Exclusive...