BIG delivers QUALITY. SPEED. VALUE to digital advertising through our great ad-tech Buddy, that produces engaging creative & premium media in real-time and has been proven to deliver better value for agencies, trading desks and brands

How do we do this?

We created Buddy – a super intuitive cloud based platform whose sole purpose is creating efficiency and profitability for publishers, advertisers, agencies and trading desks by letting you work smarter not harder.
Further by driving efficiencies across the entire rich media advertising process we’ve been able to lower costs, save time and in turn ensure that using Buddy will drive greater value and results.

Key features
  • Integrated with all major DSP’s (DV360, The Trade Desk, MediaMath, Xandr and more)

  • Innovative UX led ad formats
  • Desktop & Mobile
  • Seamless billing
  • Advanced engagement reports
  • Building creative in minutes not days
  • Exclusive, Premium Publisher Marketplace
  • Produce Creative Tags & Deal ID’s in real-time


Buddy makes it quick and simple for you to create high impact, engaging digital ads to run across mobile & desktop through our world-class creative team or our simple do-it-yourself drag & drop builder that can produce a live creative tag in under 2 minutes.

iMac with a Buddy reporting tool opened in a browser


Metrics like impressions, Click Through Rate (CTR), viewability and reach are great but take your digital campaigns to the next level by providing advanced engagement reporting;

  • Engaged & Attention Time
  • Unique User Interactions
  • Brand Studies
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) Studies


Book a demo with us and see how Buddy can work for you.