05.05.2023 | News

Buddy AttentionIQ works!

  • Independent, leading attention score vendors such as Lumen and Attentv integrated directly with Buddy!
  • We insist on integrating with market leaders, so you have peace of mind.
  • Real-time reporting dashboard available via Buddy. 100% transparency on where your media dollars are working best!

Increase by up to 30%

Increase by up to 30% on the following metrics:

  • Viewability
  • CTR
  • Engagement rate
  • Engaged time
  • Attention

Work with us in 3 easy steps

Define your own media topics using our whitelists of certified media to create bespoke Deals.

Quickly and easily assemble your own creative assets into rich media creative using our extensive ad format library.

We love optimising. Media and creatives are automatically optimised to maximise performance using trusted 3rd party Attention Providers.