10.08.2020 | News

BIG aims to makes digital advertising easier, faster and more effective.

Put simply, we are here to help you – by finding the right audience at the right time, by building beautiful ads, and finally by proving that everything we do works for you and your clients.

To do this we’ve built a really-easy-to-use cloud based platform called Buddy, that’s sole purpose is creating efficiency and profitability for our agency & trading desk partners and have already integrated Buddy with some of the largest agencies and trading desks in AU & NZ.

Buddy makes it quick and simple for you to easily find the right people at the right time by giving you the ability to select from our premium contextually curated media across desktop & m-web and shortly you will also be able to access location based proximity and behavioural audiences.

Importantly these audiences, media & the entire Buddy service, including high impact creative is offered via a non-guaranteed fixed rate Deal ID, which means you pay one flat CPM that includes everything with no nasty surprises, add on fees and no minimum spends. Which means you only ever pay for the impressions you choose to use! Giving you the freedom you need and driving higher value and ROI for not only your campaigns but your businesses bottom line.

We then make it easy for you to build high impact, engaging digital ads through our world-class creative team or our simple drag & drop builder that can produce best in class creative with live tags in real-time

Buddy includes a suite of over 22 high impact, rich media formats across Desktop and Mobile – all designed to drive awareness, consideration and engagement.

Finally, we provide real-world proof that it all works with our dynamic creative engaged time & user interaction reporting

In summary Buddy has been designed to make it easier, faster and more effective to access Find Audiences through curated premium media, produce beautiful high impact creative and prove that it all works….and by doing so has been proven to save agencies, time & money – whilst driving stronger ROI for advertisers, agencies and trading desks.