05.03.2024 | News

Oracle x Buddy Decarbonise collaborate

Oracle Contextual Intelligence and Buddy Decarbonise Collaborate for Cookieless Targeting Solutions

With privacy concerns escalating and impending cookie restrictions in 2024, Australian advertisers are seeking innovative approaches for personalised and targeted advertising.

In a strategic move, local adtech platform BigAds has seamlessly integrated Oracle Contextual Intelligence into its Buddy Decarbonise platform. This collaboration aims to deliver cutting-edge contextual targeting solutions for digital advertising campaigns, leveraging advanced technology for content analysis and precise targeting.

Oracle Contextual Intelligence operates without relying on cookies, addressing personal privacy concerns and complying with legislation. The platform provides advertisers with enhanced granularity, transparency, and control over targeting tactics. The Predicts targeting solutions utilise AI technology to broaden the reach of content.

The Buddy integration with Oracle extends to include flagship ad technology, including Moat/Oracle brand safety, ensuring advertisements are shielded from appearing on sites or content that could jeopardise the advertiser’s brand.

David Green, CEO of BigAds, emphasises the importance of Oracle’s brand safety solutions in aligning ad placements with brand values in digital environments. Oracle’s commitment to eradicating threats, combating fraud, and ensuring high-quality ad inventory is pivotal for maintaining a safe and suitable context.