20.09.2021 | News

Step into a New Dimension

Introducing Dimensional, a new multi-layered ad format designed to build engagement and maximise revenue.

Online consumers are becoming used to more and more immersive and interactive content. Now Big Ads can offer this capability to our clients, through our celebrated ad-building platform, Buddy, and our amazing new format Dimensional.

What is Dimensional?

Dimensional brings the illusion of 3D to a still image, transforming the experience of looking at a photograph or illustration. Built up from five auto-generated layers, your artwork comes to life in a lifelike creation that moves with users’ phone movements, mouse movements or screen tilts.

With a cool hint of retro, Dimensional projects the viewer into a multi-layered reality that engages a sense of childlike wonder and curiosity. Dimensional keeps your audience on screen longer by intriguing and surprising them. 

Dimensional ads can be built in minutes with Buddy’s intuitive tools.

How does it work?

Five layers are built up in virtual parallax, so that when the user tilts the screen or moves their mouse, the image moves as if the viewer were repositioning themselves in a real space.

Dimensional content can be interacted with in three ways:

  • On mobile, with a simple swipe or drag of the finger
  • On mobiles running Chrome on Android, with a screen tilt
  • On desktops, by hovering or moving the mouse around the frame

By whatever method users interact, the ad moves responsively and instantaneously. Dimensional ads are available in the following formats:

  • On Mobile at 300×150, 300×250, 320×480 and 300×600
  • On Desktop at 300×250, 300×600 and 970×25


Build Engagement and Interaction

In today’s attention deficient world, Dimensional allows you to get an edge over your competitors. Big Ad’s promise of Speed, Quality and Value is evident in the popularity of this new format.

SPEED – Dimensional ads load immediately and react just as quickly to viewer engagement. Not only that but you can build a Dimensional ad from our ad-builder platform Buddy in under two minutes!

QUALITY – The ads are beautiful and exciting to look at, maximising engaged time. They render quickly across all formats and have been tested rigorously with all our publisher partners.

VALUE – With Dimensional, we offer the most competitive cost per impression rate (CPM) available. Improve your clickthrough and conversion rates with content that excites the viewer and leverages natural curiosity. 

Dimensional is a highly engaging format which, thanks to Buddy’s suite of analytics, will deliver all the KPIs you want:

    You’ll see exactly how well your Dimensional ads are performing – it’s perfect for A/B testing or for launching a new product to the marketplace with maximum impact.

      What advantages does Dimensional have over other formats?

      Dimensional really does put your ad content front and foremost in the viewer’s mind. Its superior performance is down to the uniqueness and unexpectedness of the format, standing across publisher pages.

      There are several reasons why Dimensional out-performs more traditional ad formats:

          • To get the most out of what they’re seeing, users must consciously interact.
          • The ad format jumps out from a sea of static content or conventional video clips.
          • Dimensional transforms beautiful artwork into something otherworldly.
          • Engagements last longer, due to the interactive novelty of the format.
          • Dimensional content has a bigger wow factor, encouraging attention.

      Rather than ignoring the content or engaging in passive consumption, Dimensional encourages participation and engagement, fixing your brand message in the minds of your viewers.

      Dimensional attempts to hook eyeballs and keep them glued to your content and interacting with it. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some examples of Dimensional.

      Talk to us today about how to shape your content for the Dimensional treatment or try it out for FREE on Buddy.